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Commercial / Municipal
Energy Services
​Have a small home project or idea in mind? Contact us to get an estimate. At Raffle Construction, we cover a large variety of residential trades. From house additions to foundation repairs, our reputation speaks for itself.

Services Offered:

- Additions                                           - Utility Trenching
- Pole Buildings                                  - Excavating
- Garages                                             - Concrete
- Retaining Walls
- Roofing
- Decks
- Foundations
- Plumbing
At Raffle Construction, we offer bidding services for both commercial and municipal projects.
Our company takes on the role to fill both needs as either a general contractor or sub contractor for our clients.
Both bonded and insured, our team bids projects for commercial and municipalities within the greater Pittsburgh area. 

Bidding Services Offered:

- Commercial Retaining Walls
- Concrete Work
- Slip Repairs
- Storm Water
- Sewage
- New Construction
- Parks & Trails
- ADA Accessibility
- Trenching
- Excavating

Why choose Raffle for your next project? We operate with the end user in mind, both in the design and construction phases of your project. Our company understands both time and money as well as craftsmanship and safety are top priorities. Raffle Construction strives to exceed these goals while providing valuable services to the energy industry.

Areas Include:

-Natural Gas Fired Plants
​-Line Construction

Services Offered:

- Land Clearing
- Storm Water Management
- General Concrete Work
- Concrete Chemical Containment
- Sump Basins
- Landslide / Slip Repair
- Storage Buildings
- Sewage Repair
- Trenching
- Underground Utilities
Commercial Services Offered:

- Remodeling
- Demo
- Storage
- New Buildings
- Cooler Rooms